Chem TA Toni (sannalim) wrote,
Chem TA Toni

picture of the month VI

One of JD's local coworkers has a boat and takes the summer off from his desk job to go lobster fishing. He issued an open invitation to the rest of the team to come join him on weekends. Last weekend, JD took him up on it. JD left on Friday evening and came back on Saturday night exhausted and very sunburned, but he sounded like he'd had a great time. JD wasn't sure if he'd get to bring home any lobsters, so I was very surprised when he plopped down a bag containing half a dozen of the beasties. We gave some of them away and ate three ourselves -- lobster sandwiches on Sunday, lobster stir fry on Monday, and lobster chowder last night. I begin to understand how eating lobster/crab might satisfy a person's primal instincts for violence and destruction. Before we smashed up the last lobster, I took advantage of the opportunity to paint one "from life"... or rather, as a still-life.
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