Chem TA Toni (sannalim) wrote,
Chem TA Toni

picture of the month X

I'd been waiting all year for October to come around so that I could use the black glitter in my sample pack! The features of the pumpkin face and the smoke tendrils are colored with glow-in-the-dark crayon, a very short-lived Crayola product from the late 1990s or early 2000s. They do glow in the dark rather well, but my camera is not sophisticated enough to capture it.

I would have put this up a couple of weeks ago, when I made the picture, but my 2008 Dell 1520 Inspiron crashed (the videocard burnt out) and I had to wait until I got my new Lenovo Ideapad Y560p yesterday to download the photo from my camera.
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