Chem TA Toni (sannalim) wrote,
Chem TA Toni

picture of the month VIII

We've spent the last two weeks on vacation visiting our parents. I didn't get the calendar picture done before we left on the trip, so I decided to take it with me and draw something while we were there. We spent the first week at JD's grandmother's cabin in Montana, and one day when we went on a hike, I took the calendar and my box of Prismacolor Verithin pencils with me.

On another day, we went for a float down the nearby river. We saw fish under the water and jumping at the surface of the water. One day, we went down in to Yellowstone. We saw many, many bison, far away, close to the road, and even walking down the middle of the road. We saw a bear in a meadow, close enough to the road to be a distinguishable shape with the naked eye and to be clearly observed with binoculars. We saw a nest of ospreys. We saw a little herd of pronghorn antelope. We also saw a few deer and elk. We didn't see any moose in Yellowstone, but we did see a moose and her nearly full-grown calf at the salt lick by the cabin one morning!

We spent the second week with my parents at their new house, and welcomed home my brother from his mission to Ghana. He was always a fine boy, and he has grown into a very fine young man. I'm glad that we were able to be there for his homecoming.

While we were visiting my parents, JD and I finally got around to watching HP7part1 on Netflix so that we could then go watch HP7part2 in the cinema. I thought the movies were very well done and a fitting conclusion for the series.
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